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  • "Hi there, Good afternoon,  I have received a few emails and things have picked-up as tryouts get closer which reminded me that I wanted to send a “Thank you” to each of you. My son will no longer be playing High School soccer (at least Club Soccer) since he will be graduating this year…fortunately, he will be playing college soccer so I am looking forward to that.   I wanted to let all of you know that I really enjoyed multiple aspects of your club.  Having been through several clubs over the years I thought your club was very efficient, well run, informative and probably most importantly “Organized”.  Thanks for that. I wanted to give special thanks to Dave who is a wonderful person and a fantastic coach and thank him for working with Kohl …I wish we would have looked at moving your way a year or two earlier.  Anyway, our team had some wonderful parents, Kohl made some new friends and it was just an all-around positive experience. I also wanted to shoot out a special thanks to Angela since I thought she did an amazing job as our team manager (having done this job myself I truly understand the challenges of this position). Great jobJ Blessings to each of you and your families and best wishes for 2017.  Take care and thanks again.  "

    Gregory B. Tomcho

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